sorry mom, it wasn't just A phase.


who we are

BLACKX (pronounced Black-X) is the only curated weekly newsletter and private community (coming soon) for alternative Black women.
The ultimate #AlternativeBlackGirl tag

Who we're for

ALTERNATIVE BLACK WOMXN ( & femme presenting) in alternative subcultures. We're black punks, lady blerds, black goths, black pin-ups, metalheads, kink seekers...
Sis, you get it - it's YOU.

why we do it

We ❤️connecting  alternative content, creators, & rad Black alternative womxn (especially, not exclusively) with each other, and with the audience they deserve.


"I was sick of searching endlessly through mainstream content for what I could connect with - as an alt Black woman. I just wanted the alternative facets of Blackness."

- Ro Hensley, Creator
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Our weekly newsletter is curated by and filtered through the eyes of an alternative Black woman, especially for Black womxn living their best lives in alternative scenes.


content for us

The content found on BLACKX is sourced from across the web. We're your resource for finding brands  and creators who speak to the interests of alternative Black women.

We curate for you (prioritizing alt-Black creators) so you can find what you love & maybe discover something new.

If it ain't the norm, you'll find a taste of it on BLACKX